Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Trago Lounge - Restaurant Review

Trago Lounge, located in Portswood, has got to be my favourite dining place in Southampton. I often choose to bring visitors, from members of my family as well as friends there and they all agree with me. Some might say that Oxford Street in Southampton, close to the docks, might be a more elegant location than the one Trago Lounge is in. But no restaurant there has got what Trago has. It might seem odd to the reader to come across such enthusiasm about a small restaurant such as Trago. I suppose it's the little things that bring me pleasure as a student, but I should say that is a good thing. I love to go out on dates, to go have dinner there with friends and chat the evening away or to go have a pleasant meal with my family. There is no better word to describe the restaurant than 'quaint'. It's a cozy little spot where promising first dates happen as well the get together of large groups of friends . The quirky pictures on the walls remind me of a large family's rustic dining room. As if you are at your great aunt's home in Spain that you never knew you had. The décor makes you feel at home, at ease. Trago seems to pride itself in making their customer's experience a comfortable one. There is no need for ostentation there, no room for exhibition or flamboyance. As many people say, less is more and I have often found that to be true. The experience of dining there is definitely comfortable, diners get the chance to find their own table and to go up to the counter to order when they are ready. One can also find a bookcase near the entrance stocked with crayons and colouring books, making the restaurant very family friendly. They have a friendly staff, who are very attentive, asking diners how their meal is going with a smile on their faces. The lighting is always perfect at Trago Lounge. The restaurant has big windows which let a lot of natural light in during the day, which is good news for the environment and for diners who care about sustainability and saving the planet. Evening diners will rejoice in hearing that the lights in the restaurant in the evening are always just right. Not too bright, not too dim. Just like Goldie locks would have it. The music is soft in order for conversations between diners to be heard and enjoyed. Which leaves me with the food, which is paramount for a restaurant review. I just feel that I needed to paint the picture of the restaurant before I go on to talking about food, because for me, personally, it is the ambiance and staff reception which leave me wanting in other restaurants and which Trago always delivers. I shall talk about the food. As a vegetarian, I can say that Trago is very vegetarian friendly. Of course, my friends and family have enjoyed the meaty burgers, which look delicious, but I will speak from my own experience which is the only one I can speak with entire confidence. The food is delicious, very healthy too. Obviously there are the more indulgent meals, but I often order the halloumi salad which has a delicious tropical dressing and is plentiful with its dark healthy leaves, golden roasted sweet potato and vibrant red peppers. I would also recommend the pancakes with greek yoghurt and peach dressing for breakfast or a late lunch like I had it. The greek yoghurt makes for a rich and healthy replacement for the usual whip cream and the fresh peach dressing is simply delicious. I should also recommend the coffee there, which is very aromatic and tasteful. There is also great selection of loose tea leaves for an after dinner treat. The prices are very affordable and I am speaking as a student which should give readers quite a lot of confidence. All in all, it is a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to have a very pleasant experience with dining and seeking to have a scrumptious healthy meal as well.

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