Saturday, 6 February 2016

University of Southampton cinema - Review

Hello All! Today I thought I would review a venue at the University of Southampton, therefore this will be of most value to prospective students or students who have never tried this venue out before, since to access this venue you must have a student ID. Today I will be talking about the Student-run University cinema. The University cinema and the students running it definitely deserve praise. The cinema not only is cheap, with students paying a mere three pounds to watch the latest releases, but it is also very well run and organised. One can pre-order tickets through the SUSU website, logging on with your student ID and password and choosing the section 'Box Office' of the website. There one can find the schedule for showings and there are usually movies on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, sometimes more than one movie showing on each day. One can expect the latest releases being shown in the Uni cinema as well as some hidden gems or past successes being shown from time to time. There really is a movie to suit every need and like. It is a good idea to pre-order tickets for viewings that are very popular as demand is high and I have once made the mistake of arriving in the day to get tickets for a popular viewing only to encounter a queue so long that it ran outside the SUSU building (Student's Union building on campus). However, that is not to say that one can't show up on the day of the screening or just before it and get ticket, I have done that many times and got tickets myself. Only the extremely popular screenings such as 'The Hunger Games' final movie for example, will demand the purchase of tickets well before it is due to be shown at the University cinema. The great thing about the University cinema is that you really do get bang for your buck, since the University cinema shows movies shortly after they come out in the more popular cinemas in town such as Odeon, but for half the price. They also schedule marathons of popular movies which can last an entire day and you can see the scheduling for these marathons on the SUSU website under 'Box Office' if and when they are on. In addition, the University cinema also has free viewings from time to time, if you are a prospective student it is worth going to one of free screenings they have during Fresher's Week. In my opinion, the University cinema is also really great in my own experience because you get a sense that other students are there for the same reason as you: to find entertainment. Therefore, when a movie is funny, everyone tends to laugh, loudly and proudly. In the past, I have found that going to bigger cinemas like Odeon to watch a comedy film, I would feel the desire to laugh out loud but would feel to self conscious to do so because no one else would. That is the completely opposite case from the atmosphere of the University cinema, therefore, if you have found yourself in the same position as me, I would definitely recommend you give the University cinema a try.

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