Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Big Attraction- St Mary's Stadium

St Mary's in Southampton is the home Stadium of Premier League Club, Southampton F.C., or as they are also known 'The Saints', since 2001. It has a mighty capacity of 32,505 spectators and with its colossal architecture it is the largest football Stadium in the South of England, excluding London. They have If you are a fan of football, or the saints, it is definitely worth a visit as you can go watch the white and red stripes playing in their own home. If you aren't so keen on football, the atmosphere and the excitement of a live match might be fun in their own right! It is only about twenty minutes from the town centre/ WestQuay by bus. Tickets can be a little pricey, but they have concessionary tickets for people aged between 17-21. Also worth noting that drinks and food there might be a little pricey so taking a packed lunch for your day out might be a very good idea.

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